Instructional Video – “Cuts From the Kitchen”

nolvideo151Starring champion Irish dancer from Ireland Niall O’Leary TCRG

Niall O’Leary, a former all-Ireland and world champion, was trained by Kevin Massey, the greatest Irish dancer of all time, according to Michael Flatley. He currently runs the biggest Irish dance school in Manhattan.

In this video, Niall gives you some history of Irish dance and demonstrates:

  • Master tips on style, technique, steps and composition
  • Hardshoe and softshoe work
  • A number of impressive moves to dazzle your friends!

‘From beginner to championship in 1 1/2 hours’

This video is unique in that while it is suitable for beginners, difficult softshoe and hardshoe moves are also taught, such as syncopated rhythms and combinations involving triple-clicks. Check out the cool combinations in the advanced treble reels on this video The speed of learning totally depends on your use of the rewind button on your remote!

Niall O’Leary is a soloist, choreographer and master instructor. His Niall O’Leary Irish Dance Troupe has performed around the world, most recently in Japan, and he has been featured on national Radio and TV and in The New York Times and Daily News.

  • 6 Irish Step Dances taught and performed
  • Volume 1: all Reels, Hardshoe and Softshoe!
  • Also featuring scenery from Ireland
  • A must-have video for all serious students of Irish dance!


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