Niall O’Leary Irish Dance Music CD: Can You Irish Dance to This???


USD $20.00
(Plus $3.00 S/H)

A great gift for Irish dancers of all levels!

Featuring a crazy saxophone solo on the title track played by Mitch Reilly, the rest of the CD is exactly the kind of music you might dance to at a feis, but showcasing some great tunes and some memorable arrangements, played on various instruments by Irish dance teacher, adjudicator and feis musician Niall O’Leary.

The CD contains the following:

  • 30 tracks: A ‘one-stop-shop’ complete collection of music for Irish dancers and more: All the music you would need to become a top Irish dancer!
  • All beginner through novice dances recorded at the new approved speeds for 2010
  • All championship dances recorded at the exact performance length so that you can practice your finish exactly as it would be in a championship!
  • Planxty Hugh O’Donnell, the newly-approved solo set dance for 2010
  • Relay-style St. Patrick’s Day so you can practice a clean start as someone else finishes, exactly like you would have to do at a feis: recorded at the new standard speed (96)
  • A slow reel for practicing complicated steps at a slower tempo
  • Some fun diddling tracks for taking a break during practice!
  • The title track, which offers tremendous possibilities for interesting choreography: it starts off slow then builds into a frenzied finish: all at 113, so that you can incorporate championship-level material!

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